Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

Summary of Play

Phase One: Coming of Order

  • Establish the leading Autarch for the round. This Autarch will be to the left of the Autarch who led last turn.
  • Unpivot all cards. The leading Autarch pivots first, proceeding to the left.
  • All Autarchs draw 2 cards.

Phase Two: Autarch Phase

Each Autarch takes a turn completing all of the following:

  • Play as many Sites as desired. Draw a card to replace every placed Site.
  • Play as many Paths as desired.
  • Play one Dictate, or reassign Allies.

The phase ends when all Autarchs have had a turn.

Phase Three: Ally Phase

Each Autarch takes a turn to act with any active Allies (controlled characters) he wishes.

Play up to 7 Prime with of new Allies to the reserve.

Active Allies may:

  • Seize a Site
  • Challenge a rival
  • Perform an Ally Action card
  • Retreat

The above cause the Ally to pivot.

  • Idle

When all Allies are pivoted or idled, play proceeds to the Autarch to the left.

When all Autarchs have had a turn, the phase ends.

Phase Four: Reconciliation

Unpivoted Allies in reserve may be moved into the active area. This is resolved in turn order.

Any Autarch controlling an unpivoted Site from each of the Five Dominions wins.

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