Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

Characteristic: Numerical values of Sites or characters: Magic, Prime, Strength, or Resistance.

Circle: Area in the center of the playing area where unsecured Sites are placed.

Combat Maneuver: A card type or power usable during a challenge.

Combat Strength: The total strength of all characters on one side of a challenge.

Coming of Order: First phase of the round, where cards are unpivoted and new cards are drawn.

Contest: Attempt to prevent a Site seizure, resolved by comparing influence.

Damage: Determined by subtracting combat strengths in a challenge. Every point of damage can be applied against the strength of characters to possibly kill them.

Dearther: An affiliation which grants no special power.

Defender: An Ally named to add its strength during a challenge to the target character of a challenge. Defenders are not pivoted after the challenge.

Destiny: The “draw pile”; new cards waiting to be drawn.

Dictate: A card type that affects overall game play, or a movement option; used only in the Autarch Round.

Discard: Removal of a card from play. These are placed to the In Ovo.

Dominion: One of the Five interconnected worlds of the Imajica. The In Ovo is not a Dominion.

Duplicate: Any unique card that is already in play.

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