Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

Seizing Sites and Contests

1) Name a Site from the Circle, and active unpivoted Allies to seize it.

2) Other Autarchs can contest, in order. The first contesting Autarch names active, unpivoted Allies to be involved.

a) Paths on Sites are revealed and resolved. (Involved characters, on both sides, are targeted by Paths.)

b) All Autarchs have their last opportunity to play Flashes in this contest.

c) Contest formally begins:

  • Only influence maneuvers may be played, and only from the Autarchs involved in the contest.
  • Total up the influence of all remaining unpivoted characters from each side. The Autarch with the highest influence wins.
  • If the contesting Autarch wins, the Site remains uncontrolled, and all characters involved are pivoted. If the acting Autarch wins, the contesters are pivoted, and the acting characters continue to seize the Site.
  • No pivoted characters may participate in a seizure or contest. If a character becomes pivoted during the course of the action, it is removed, and cannot add its influence to the total influence strength.

3) The opportunity to contest continues until all Autarchs have had one opportunity.

4) When all contests are done, the seizing Allies attempt to secure the Site. If Paths were not revealed during a contest, reveal them now.

  • Pivoted Allies cannot participate.
  • If the influence total of those seizing exceeds the resistance of the Site, the Site is controlled, and taken into the Autarch’s state, with Allies underneath.

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