Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

… while other Paths remain unrevealed, return the unread paths to the Site face-down.

If the Path has an instant icon, it is read, has an immediate effect, and is discarded. If the Path has a permanent icon, it remains on the Site and continues to have the effect until the Site is secured. Permanent Paths should be replaced face-down to the Site, retaining its same position with the other Paths.

Once a Site is secured, all permanent Paths on it are discarded.

Securing the Site:

Once any Paths and contests are resolved, the Autarch totals the magic values of Allies remaining in the seizure. Any character that has been pivoted is removed from this calculation. This total of magic values is called influence. If the influence is equal to or greater than the target Site’s resistance, the Site is secured, and move to the Autarch’s state.

The seizing Allies are now called Holders of the Site and placed underneath it in the state.

Holders cannot be targeted by challenges. They may not defend, contest seizures, or act in any way while holding the Site. The secured Site is immune to further seizures or contests. It will remain in the controlling Autarch’s state unless a card is played which can remove it. Pivoting the Holder of a Site will not change its influence.

Holders MAY be targeted by cards which might adjust the influence enough to make the Site unsecured.

End of Autarch’s turn.

After all possible or desired actions are completed, the Autarch announces the end of the turn. Remaining unpivoted, active Allies are idled. They will only be able to defend against challenges, contest another Autarch’s characters, or play appropriate cards like Flashes, for the remainder of the Ally phase.

After all Autarchs have had one turn, play proceeds to the Reconciliation.

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