Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

When building a deck or setting up the game, the Border Site may only count as if it is one of the two Dominions. Five Sites must still be contain in the deck, and five starting Sites must always be set up.

Example of Border Sites: The Erasure is a mysterious, impenetrable wall of void in the Second Dominion. Through the Erasure, one may enter the First Dominion. The Erasure acts as a link between these worlds, and is partially contained in each. The Erasure card is a Border Site, from both the adjacent First and Second Dominions. Any card targeting Second Dominion Sites OR First Dominion Sites will affect the Erasure.

“You’re the Reconciler of Dominions. You’re the healer of the Imajica. Hide from that, and you hide from understanding. Maestro, there’s a worse anguish than remembering, and another suffers it because you leave your work unfinished. Go back into the Fifth Dominion and complete what you began. Make the many one. This is the only salvation.”

Card Powers, Traits and Special Rules

Powers and traits are abilities found on many cards. The general timing and effects of these are explained in the card’s description area. Effects are either targeted to any character, or affect the controlling Autarch, unless otherwise noted on the card.

Traits are permanent effects, and are active whenever the card is used. Unless otherwise stated, traits on characters are NOT cumulative, and traits on Sites ARE cumulative.

Powers with an icon force the card to pivot after activation. The icon is called an activation icon. The power is usable whenever a card of the same type would be usable. Pivot the card after attempting the use of the activation power.

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