Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

… characteristic to combat strength if it is the target of the challenge.

Pivoted reserves are unable to become active at the end of the Ally phase.

Pivoted Sites cannot count for victory during the Reconciliation.

Pivoted characters cannot participate in a seizure, nor can they challenge a rival.

Pivoting occurs if the action is successful, or not.

A card is pivoted AFTER the action, power, or effect is resolved. If a card performs some action or effect and then pivots, it is not possible to counter the action or effect by causing the card to pivot first. The pivoting does not cause the effect; it is a result of the effect.

Border Sites and Adjacency

Some Sites are located “between” two Dominions. These Sites are links between those Dominions, and should be treated as though they are from BOTH.

Border Sites are distinguished by having 2 Home Dominions. The Border Site is considered as a Site from BOTH Dominions, satisfying two victory requirements. If an Autarch controls a Border Site, only THREE MORE Sites are necessary to win the game.

The Dominions of the Border Site are always adjacent. Adjacent Dominions are side-by-side in numerical order. For example, Dominions 1 and 2 are adjacent, but Dominions 1 and 3 are not. Dominions 5 and 1 ARE adjacent, since the Imajica form a circle.

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