Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

Game Design

Imajica is a customizable card game for two or more players. Customizable card games are different from a “standard” card game in one important way: each player uses only cards from their own custom-built deck. Players’ cards are never shared. One player never draws cards from another’s deck, but the cards can and will affect the other players. The game can be played with the starter deck you have just purchased, but the exciting part of the game is mixing and matching different cards, creating a deck of card that suits your own unique style of play. You can do this by attaining new cards, either by trading with friends, or purchasing Imajica expansion packs. Each card in the set has unique uses in the game.

Decks may be built from a wide variety of cards, in an even wider variety of combinations. The strategies and themes a deck can have is limited only by the imagination of the players.

How to Read this Rulebook

The rules for Imajica are simple, and the rulebook has been filled with examples and tips to help clarify any possible points of confusion. These tips will be in colored text. Important rules or charts will be outlined in a black box.

Italicized text in quotations are lines from the novel Imajica, and (aside from inspiration and atmosphere) have no bearing on the rules themselves.

Game Background

The Universe is hardly as simple as we would, perhaps, like to imagine. Earth is one small part of a much larger scheme of existence. The Powers in the Universe have struggled for eons to control the people, magic, and energies of the Five Dominions. Earth is only the Fifth of these Five.

Clive Barker’s novel Imajica revolves around a powerful man named John Furie Zacharias, or Gentle to his friends. Gentle learns of the other Dominions, or Imajica, through the mystif Pie ‘oh’ Pah, a shape-shifting denizen of the Second Dominion who has become trapped on Earth. Earth has been separated, or …

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