Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Card Distribution Information

Imajica CCG 120-Card Starter Deck

Imajica 120-Card Starter Decks

Contents: 4 Rares, 16 Uncommons, 90 Commons, 10 Non-Unique Sites (2 Each), Rulebook

An Imajica CCG 120-Card Starter consists of 2 60-card decks and a rulebook, providing balanced decks for 2 people to learn how to play the game. Each 60-card deck contains 5 non-unique sites, 1 from each of the 5 Dominions. These sites are key to making the starter deck valid by including a site from each Dominion and can only be acquired / found in starter decks. Along with the 5 non-unique sites, included are 2 rares, 8 uncommon and 45 common cards. The breakdown of the card types in the decks are completely random and no two starters are alike. There are approximately 20 characters and 5-10 of other card types that equal 60 cards. The high amount of characters is needed in order have enough characters to seize the 5 Dominion sites required to win the game.

Imajica CCG 15-Card Booster Pack

Imajica 15-Card Booster Packs

Contents: 1 Rare, 4 Uncommons, 10 Commons
Not Included: Non-Unique Sites

An Imajica CCG 15-Card Booster Pack consists of 1 Rare, 4 Uncommon and 10 Common cards. They are completely random and provide additional cards to enhance your play experience. You can build 60-card play decks solely from cards acquired in booster packs. However, you must follow the Deck Construction Rules. You may find it easier to begin with a 60-card starter deck and customize by swapping out cards you obtain from boosters to align to your strategy and play style.

Display Boxes

Imajica 120-Card Starter Display Box

Imajica CCG Starter Box

Imajica 15-Card Booster Display Box

Imajica CCG Booster Box