Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Errata, Omissions & Rulings

Below you will find official Errata and Rulings by the game designers.

Card Errata

Kurganaal should read: “+N versus any character,” rather than “versus any Ally.”

Some copies of the card Liberatore have a sideways “4” in the upper right-hand corner. This is a printing error – the number has no meaning.

The Cradle Parasite should be a permanent influence maneuver, rather than instant. The type icon should be square, rather than circle.

Vuvaku is spelled two ways on the card. It should be spelled with a K, not a C.

The first 4 words of the River Fefer should read, “Involved Autarchs may bring…”

Abelove should be a permanent ally action, rather than instant. The type icon should be square, rather than circle.

Peccable’s House was intended to be a 5/2 Border Site, as in the book, rather than a 5/4 Border Site. The current incarnation of the card will be corrected in the revised edition. However, the 5/4 status does not affect game play. For now, the card is officially ruled as a 5/4 Border Site, for the sake of simplicity.

Errata / Omissions / Rulings

SITES ARE NEVER DISCARDED – If a Site is ever discarded directly from the Destiny, place that Site at the bottom of the Destiny and discard another card from the Destiny in its place. Reshuffle Destiny.

INFLUENCE MANEUVERS – Influence Maneuvers may be played by characters Seizing a Site, even if that Seizure is not contested.

ACTIVATED POWERS WITHOUT ICON – Some cards (such as Doxios, Huzzah Aping, or Pie ‘oh’ pah) have powers that must be activated by the Autarch, but do not have an activation icon. Assume that any powers with vague timing are played at any time, once per turn. The effect will not pivot the card. The effect is NOT a flash, and is subject to the timing restraints of any other non-flash effects.

DURATION OF THE ARTIST AFFILIATION POWER – During the Coming of Order, active artists may remain pivoted so that a Holder of a Site may retain the Magic bonus from the artist’s affiliation power.

ZERO STRENGTH – If a character’s Strength ever reaches zero, the character is dead and discarded.

CHARACTERS USING ACTIVATION POWERS – Only active characters may use activation powers (powers represented by small icons in the description area of the card). Neither Holders nor reserves may use these powers. Using an activation power DOES pivot the card.