Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

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Deck Construction

Each Imajica deck should be built to the taste of the player. However, there are a few official restrictions:

  1. A play deck must contain exactly 60 cards.
  2. Only one of any specific Path can be included.
  3. A deck must contain at least one Site from each of the Five Dominions.
  4. Some cards are limited to only a few per deck. These individual limitations are listed on those cards.
Starter Decks: A starter deck may contain duplicate Paths. If so, remove the duplicate, even if this reduces the deck to less than 60 cards. Your opponents must also reduce their deck so that all players are using decks of the same size.

Nothing can guarantee a winning deck, but these tips might grant a head start.

Build the deck to cope with the tactics of the opponents, along with focusing on a theme — the general means by which victory will be achieved.

Characters are the backbone of the deck. It is suggested by the writers that the deck contain no less then fifteen characters, and probably more. Without characters, and Autarch cannot seize Sites, prevent the taking of important locations or inflict harm on opposing forces. Card combinations can turn apparently weak or useless effects into game breakers. Some of these combinations are described right on the card, but discovering methods to produce new and powerful mixtures is a fun purpose for collecting!

“Speed” is a consideration of most experienced card gamers. Often, a game can be won by introducing the less powerful, but easier to place, characters while the opponent relies upon those which are nifty, devastating, but difficult to put in play.

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