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Imajica CCG Rulebook

Each Autarch totals the strength values of their Allies involved in the challenge. Combat maneuvers might affect this total, as well as bonuses of the participating characters. This final total is the Autarch’s combat strength. Whichever Autarch has the higher combat strength is the victor, and may assign damage.

Damage is equal to the difference in the combat strengths. The victor may freely assign this damage, whole or in part, to any characters involved in the challenge. Damage does not have to be applied to the target of the challenge.

Autarchs have the opportunity to play Flashes after damage is dealt, possibly saving a life, or finishing one off.

If a character receives more damage than its strength value, it goes to the In Ovo. If the damage is not enough to kill the character, the damage is lost at the end of the challenge.

After the challenge is resolved, all challengers and target are pivoted.

Defenders and not pivoted.

Example of Challenge: Autarch Stephen has decided Autarch Cheryl’s Ally Gentle must die. During his Ally Action phase, he announces: “Two Gek-A-Geks are challenging Gentle.” Each Gek-A-Gek has a strength = 8. Gentle has only a strength = 7.

If Cheryl did not name defenders, Stephen’s combat strength would be 8 + 8 = 16, while hers would only 7. Stephen would be the victor, and would assign damage of 16 – 7 = 9 to Gentle. This more than Gentle’s strength of 7, so Gentle would be discarded and the Gek-A-Geks pivoted.

However, Cheryl defends with her Ally Irish, strength = 6. Cheryl’s strength is now 6 + 7 = 13. Stephen is still the victor, but his damage is only 16 – 13 = 3. This is not enough to kill Gentle or Irish. The damage of 3 is lost at the end of the challenge. Both Gek-A-Geks and Gentle are pivoted, while Irish remains unpivoted.

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