Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

Phase 4: The Reconciliation

The Autarchs take the normal turn procedure with an option to move any of their unpivoted reserves forward to the active area. Allies may remain in reserve, however; there is no requirement to move newly introduced, or recently assigned characters into the active area. Pivoted characters may NOT move forward from the reserve.

Any existing cards that have effect “at the end of a turn” take effect on the Autarch’s turn.

An Autarch who controls five unpivoted Sites, one from each Dominion, wins.

If two Autarchs can meet the requirement in this phase, the one with the most controlled, unpivoted Sites wins. Otherwise, no one is declared a winner, and the game continues.

During the course of a turn, Sites can become pivoted by using a card’s power or by other effects. When close to victory, note the pivot of Sites in play!

Pivoted Cards

Cards are normally placed such that the card’s description area can be read by its owner. Cards will occasionally be pivoted, or turned 180° to face the opposite direction. Pivoting a card shows that it has been used, expended its power, or otherwise neutralized for this turn. PIVOTING A CARD DOES NOT ACTIVATE ITS EFFECT.

No pivoted characters may participate in a challenge, seizure, or contest. If a character becomes pivoted during the course of the action, it is removed, and cannot add its abilities or characteristics to its allies.

For example, after a character acts in the Ally phase, it will be pivoted. A pivoted card is unusable again until that card is unpivoted (most likely during Phase 1: Coming of Order).

Pivoted cards are sill in play, and can be targeted by other actions or cards.

Pivoted characters are unable to defend Allies in challenges, but a pivoted character still adds its Strength …

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