Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

Naming: The target and source of any action must be clearly defined. For effects, names are in the title line of the card, affiliations in the text.

Oethac: An affiliation which grants no special power.

Oviate: An affiliation; creatures which live in the In Ovo, immune to motions, able to challenge Vassals, and with no Home Dominion or sex.

Path: A card type placed face down on a Site in the Circle, which affects Site seizure.

Phase: One of four periods of action in a round. During each phase, an Autarch gets one turn to act.

Pivot: The physical result of a power or act, causing it to rotate 180°. Pivoting signifies the exhaustion of a character or card for the turn.

Power: The effect of a card in the game, printed in standard text on the card.

Prime: The essence of a character; this number affects the amount of characters introduced in a turn (see Establishing Allies).

Realm: The area and cards controlled by an Autarch.

Reassign Allies: Movement of an Autarch’s characters within the Realm.

Reconciliation: Last phase of the round, where victory is determined.

Reserve: The area of the Realm where Allies are protected from challenges, and are unable to act.

Resistance: Characteristic of a Site, compared with influence, which affects its securing.

Retreat: Movement to the reserve from the active area.

Round: The play of all four phases in order.

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