Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

Using unique cards is a good way to ensure a better hand, but discovering the cards and methods to undermine the opponent’s selections, especially in the race to avoid duplicates, are often more important.

Game Layout

The Circle is the middle of the playing area, between all Autarchs. Only unsecured Site cards are placed in this area; ANY player’s characters are allowed to seize any Sites in the Circle, as described later in the rules.

All other cards are played to an Autarch’s Realm, signifying the control of a card by a particular player. An Autarch’s Realm is divided into three areas: the state, the active area, and the reserve.

Secured Sites are placed in the state of the controlling Autarch. Allies holding the Sites, along with their permanents, remain under the Site after the specific card is secured. Permanents that affect Sites are placed here as well.

Beside the state is the active area. This is where an Autarch’s active Allies are placed. Active Allies are face up, with any permanent cards affecting them face up next to them.

The Reserve lies between the player and the active area. This area holds the Destiny (draw pile), the In Ovo (discard pile), any cards affecting that Autarch, recently introduced Allies, and other Allies using the protection of the reserve. Cards in the Destiny or In Ovo are considered out-of-play.

The In Ovo is always face up, and reveals only the top card. Opponents only have the right to see discards when they are discarded.

“Strange thing to say… May everything be as it seems.”
“It’s the profoundest curse a sway-worker knows… It’s a curse, because if that were the case, we’d all be living just to die, and mud would be king of the Dominions.”

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