Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

Aphrodyte (of the Goddesses):
A character touched by the benevolent visions of the Goddesses.
Pivoted Aphrodytes can defend other characters.

The artists of the Dominions lend unique insight into the other worlds.
Pivot to give another Ally magic +3 until the end of the round.

Tabula Rasa:
The Society of the Tabula Rasa is dedicated to removing all magic from the Dominions, particularly England.
Take back any Tabula Rasa Ally into your hand as an Ally action to send any permanent Ally Action card or permanent Flash card to its owner’s In Ovo.

One of the horrific creatures from the vast In Ovo.
Immune to all emotion effects.
Can challenge Vassals, regardless of their Prime.
Oviates have no Home Dominion or gender.

Minor Affiliations:
There are other affiliations throughout the Imajica, such as Dearthers or Eurhetemecs. Such affiliations have no affiliation powers, but might affect or be affected by other cards via effects or card text.

“In between the Reconciled Dominions and the Fifth is a state called the In Ovo. It’s an ether, in which things that have ventured from their worlds are imprisoned. Some of them are innocent. They’re there by accident. Some were dispatched there as a judgement. They’re lethal.”

Damage Outside of Challenges

Sometimes a card will cause damage on characters outside of a challenge. This damage should be applied directly to the characters’ strength to discard them, as in the last stage of a challenge. It is not reduced by opposing strength.

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