Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

Game Setup

After laying out the table, the game begins by putting a certain number of Sites in play. Each Autarch needs to separate out all Sites from the deck. Determine which Autarch will act first; the writers recommend a game of “Rock — Scissors — Paper.”

Starting with this Autarch, each player will play a Site to the Circle. Order will proceed clockwise from the starting Autarch. The first Autarch will place a First Dominion Site, the next will place a Second Dominion Site, then the Third Dominion, and so forth, until five cards are in the Circle.

All Autarchs replace the Sites to their customized decks, shuffle, and place them face down in their reserve. Each Autarch then draws FIVE cards from the top of the deck, called the Destiny.

If an Autarch draws no characters, this Autarch may reveal the hand and reshuffle it into the deck, to draw a final hand of five cards. After all Autarchs have drawn a hand, the normal sequence of play begins with the Coming of Order…


To win, an Autarch must secure one Site from each of the Five Dominions.

In brief, these sites are secured when an appropriate number of characters are dedicated to holding it, and these Sites must be unpivoted during the Reconciliation phase to be counted for victory. The competition for Sites is the major focus of player interaction.

Order of Play

Imajica is played in a series of rounds: each round is broken up into phases. During each phase, every Autarch will be active once, in order. Each Autarch will only get one turn, but may take other actions, in response to other Autarchs’ actions, challenges, and contests or through the play of Flashes. The specific actions the Autarch may take are determined by which phase it is.

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