Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

Powers without an icon are always in effect and are cumulative. Activation powers on characters can only be used when the character is active and unpivoted.

If a card has two powers separated by “OR,” you may use only one of those powers at a time.

For Site powers, the card must be secured to make use of the effect.

Example of Activation Power: The character General Rosengarten has an activation power that reads, “Target Site is Resistance -3 until end of round.” The activation icon is the Ally action icon. General Rosengarten may use this power in place of an Ally action. Pivot Rosengarten to activate this power.

Note that powers and traits are separate concepts. If a card removes powers from another card, the traits will remain untouched.

Some Special Powers

Remove from Game

If a card instructs the removal of it or another card from the game, the card is not discarded to the In Ovo.

The card is removed from play entirely and cannot be brought back.

Counter P

P is a power, specific or in general. Countering always negates the card or action, if played following the activation of the named power. For timing purposes, a counter prevents the effect of the card, but does not prevent the pivot.

“+N versus Y Sites”

Y is a named Site or type of Site. Whenever this Ally attempts to seize or secure the named Site, influence is adjusted by N. This power also applies during a contest.

Example of “Versus Sites” Power: The character Charlotte Feaver has the power “+4 versus Roxborough Tower.” Whenever Charlotte is …

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