Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

One Autarch will act first in every phase for one full round. When this Autarch’s turn is complete, play will proceed clockwise. The right to act first shifts clockwise every Coming of Order.

The player to act first for the first round of the game is the Autarch to the left of the player who revealed the first Site during the setup.

Phase 1: Coming of Order

All cards in play that have an effect “at the beginning of a turn” take effect during this phase. If two cards affect the same target, the Autarch controlling the target chooses which occurs first. Otherwise, these effects occur as simultaneously as possible.

Unpivot all cards in play, and every Autarch draws two cards from the top of their Destiny, according to the order of play for the round.

Example: In a three-player game, John is to the left of Josh, who is to the left of Mike. Mike laid sites first during setup, so during the first round, Josh will act first in every phase, with play proceeding to John, then Mike. On the second round, John will act first, with play proceeding to Mike, then Josh.

[John] [Josh] [Mike]

Phase 2: Autarch Phase

Each turn, an Autarch may reveal any number of Sites, play any number of Paths, and make one Dictate (which may be taken as a reassignment of Allies).

Reveal Sites: The Autarch can place any Sites from hand to the Circle — always face-up. The Autarch must immediately draw a card to replace every Site played, and can place newly drawn Sites.

The Autarch does not HAVE to play Sites, and may hold them indefinitely.

Play Paths: The Autarch can place any number of Paths from hand to Sites in the Circle. The Site …

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