Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook


Paths: These represent the journeys of the characters as they approach the Sites. Path cards have a Home Dominion and can only be played, face down, on Sites of the same Dominion.

There is no limit to how many Paths can be played on a specific Site.

Autarchs are limited to one of each Path per deck.


Dictates: These represent the dramatic events in the Imajica, sometimes even the will of God, and can only be played in the Autarch phase.

Ally Action

Ally Actions: These represent the tactics of your characters; the attempted use of an effect pivots an active Ally.

Combat Maneuver

Combat Maneuvers: These are tactics, weapons, and other details of maneuvers performed by characters during a challenge. These may only affect characters involved in the challenge.

Influence Maneuver

Influence Maneuvers: These are maneuvers performed by Allies trying to seize or contest a Site, and are only effective against involved characters or Sites.

Flash - Instant

Flashes: These represent the natural turns of fate and destiny that affect the Universe. Flashes represent events that are beyond the control of a specific Autarch or character, and can be played at any time during the Autarch or Ally phase.

Permanents and Instants

The card type icons also tell whether the card effect is permanent or instant. Square-bordered icons represent permanent cards. Once played, a permanent card will remain in play until removed by another card. Circle-bordered icons represent instant cards. These cards have an immediate effect, and are then discarded.

All Sites and characters are permanent. All other cards types can be instant OR permanent, though Paths follow slightly different rules. If a permanent targets another permanent, place the second card played under the target (see diagram of Game Layout).

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