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Imajica CCG Rulebook

… involved in a seizure or contest for Roxborough Tower, her influence is increased by +4.

“May hold Y alone”

If a character’s text states “may hold Y alone,” where Y is a Site, then this character is considered in maintenance of the required influence, regardless of the actual influence of the Holders.

Example of “Holding Site Alone” Trait: Thomas Roxborough has 0 magic, which would not normally allow him to hold any Site. However, he can hold Roxborough Tower alone due to his trait, “May hold Roxborough Tower alone.”

Some Special Traits

“Allies for -N if…”

Apply the bonus N, where N is a number, to the Prime of this character, when brought into play. If the described conditions are met.

Example of “Allies for -N” Trait: The character card Gentle has a Prime of 11. Gentle’s description area reads: “Allies for -1 if any females are controlled.”

If at least one female character is controlled by the introducing Autarch, Gentle can be put into play as if his Prime were 10.

“+N Versus X”

X is a named character or type of character. Whenever the X character or characters are in opposition in a challenge, whether as a challenger, target, or defender, this character’s strength is adjusted by N.

Example of “Versus Allies” Trait: The character card Celestine has the trait “+4 versus Dowd.” Whenever Celestine is in a challenge against Dowd, she adds four to her strength.

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