Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

… Dominion must match the Path Dominion. Paths are played face-down atop the target Site.

If a Site already has a Path on it, the second Path is laid atop the first.

The Autarch does not HAVE to play Paths, and may hold them indefinitely.

Dictate: The Autarch can play one Dictate card OR reassign Allies.

Reassign Allies: Reassign Allies by moving any Allies, pivoted or not:

  1. from Site to Site in your state, OR
  2. from the active area to a Site in the state, OR
  3. from the state to the reserve.

Holders of a Site may be moved to the reserve, but if the remaining holders at the Site do not have enough influence to secure it, the Site immediately becomes uncontrolled.

After the Autarch makes a Dictate, or declares a refusal of it, the turn is over. The opportunity to place Sites and Paths, or play a Dictate, is lost until the next round.

Allies moved to the Reserve cannot be targeted by opposing characters.

When all Autarchs have had their turn, the phase ends, and play proceeds to the Ally phase.

Phase 3: Ally Phase

During the Ally phase, the Autarch first brings new Allies into play, via the reserve; this is called establishing alliances. The characters controlled by an Autarch are considered Allies.

Establishing Alliances: Autarchs have a Prime allowance of 7 for introducing new characters as Allies. As long as the totaled Primes of characters played do not exceed 7, the Autarch can place the new Allies into the reserve area.

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