Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

Types of Cards

There are eight basic types of cards in Imajica. Each type of card is identified in the upper left corner with a type icon. If a card’s name is underlined, the card is unique. Duplicates of a unique card cannot be in play; once a unique card is in play, duplicates cannot be legally introduced.

Powers and traits are described in the card’s description area. Traits are always in italics and printed above the powers. Powers are in standard text below traits. Traits are always in effect, while powers have various effects, explained on the card.


Characters: These represent creatures, people, or other intelligent mortals an Autarch has convinced to aid the cause. Home Dominion (from which the character comes), uniqueness, and gender are all represented on the title line of the card. If a character has “0” for its Home Dominion, it is an oviate. There is no “Zeroth Dominion” in the Imajica. These specifications can be targeted by certain cards.

Characters have three characteristics: Magic, Strength, and Prime. Magic represents the mastery of the mystical powers of the Universe. Strength represents overall physical well-being. Prime determines how difficult it is to play the character card. It represents strength of being: the more powerful and influential a character, the greater its Prime.

A character in play is the Ally of the controlling Autarch.


Sites: These are locations in the various Dominions. The Home Dominion and resistance of the Site are stated on the title line of the card. Resistance is a characteristic of a Site which represents the difficulty a character (or group of characters) has in seizing that Site.

Site powers can only be used when the Site is secured, and only by the Autarch who holds the Site. Traits are always in effect, and usually affect the seizure of the Site.

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