Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

Combat Maneuvers: A character may use as many combat maneuvers as the Autarch cares to play. These cards do not pivot the character, but an acting, involved Ally must be named to play one. Combat maneuvers can only target characters involved in the challenge. Effects of instant combat maneuvers end with the challenge.

Example of Combat Maneuvers: The character Sartori is involved in a challenge. His strength would usually be 7, but the combat maneuver Pneuma is played from him. This adds 6 to his combat strength, giving him a total of 13.

No pivoted characters may participate in a challenge. If a character becomes pivoted during the course of the challenge, it is removed, and cannot add its strength to the combat strength.

Seize a Site:

The Autarch’s unpivoted active Allies invade a Site (seize it) in the Circle, and attempt to control it (secure or hold it).

Only Sites in the Circle can be targeted; secured Sites (in other Autarchs’ states) cannot be targeted. The seized Site must be named, along with unpivoted active Allies participating in the seizure. Reserves many not seize a Site.

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