Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

“Oethacs, Pie called them… Easy targets, Gentle remarked, but Pie whispered that their brains were small, their skulls thick, and their tolerance for pain heroic, the latter evidenced by the extraordinary array of lived scars and disfigurements they all bore on skin that was as white as the bone it concealed.”

Contesting the Seizure:

After seizing Allies and a target Site have been named, opposing Autarchs with unpivoted, active characters may attempt to contest the seizure. Starting to the left, each Autarch has one opportunity to contest the seizure. Only one Autarch at a time may attempt this — opponents cannot “gang up.”

The contesting Autarch must name the unpivoted, active characters to the contest; no reserve Allies can participate.

Before the contest formally begins, Paths on the Site are revealed and resolved.

All Autarchs, involved or not, then have one last chance to play Flashes. Once the contest is underway, only the involved Autarchs can interfere, and then only influence maneuvers can be played. After the last call for Flashes, the contest begins.

Each Autarch determines influence. Influence is the total of magic values of involved Allies, including bonuses from traits or powers, influence maneuvers, and permanents.

The seizing Allies win the contest if the influence is greater than the contesting Characters’ influence. They remain unpivoted, and continue to seize the Site. Other Autarchs may yet contest them, with the opportunity passing to the left. Each Autarch only has one chance to contest.

If the opposing characters win the contest, the seizing characters are pivoted, and returned to the active area. The Site is not secured, and it remains in the Circle.

Characters which contest a seizure are always pivoted, whether successful or not.

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