Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook


Active Ally: An Autarch’s character in the active area with the option to move, maneuver, or play a card.

Active Area: The area of the Realm where Allies are positioned to act.

Adorer: An affiliation; immune to Hapexamendios cards.

Adjacency: Dominions in the Universe are connected in numerical order, with 5 and 1 also connected.

Affiliation: Trait that often gives a power, as described in the rule book.

Ally: A character, as controlled by its Autarch.

Ally Action: A type of card, played through an active Ally, which causes the Ally to pivot.

Ally phase: Third phase of the round, where new characters are brought into play, and Allies take actions.

Aphrodyte: An affiliation; grants bonus in magic.

Autarch: A player.

Autarch phase: Second phase of the round, Sites and Paths are played, and the Autarchs may make a Dictate.

Border Site: A Site with 2 Home Dominions, counts as both and is affected as either.

Challenge: The attempt to kill a character, resolved by comparing strength totals.

Challenger: An Ally attempting to kill another Autarch’s character.

Character: A card type that represents beings from the Five Dominions.

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