Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

Establishing Allies: Bringing in new characters, first to the reserve. Limited to 7 Prime per turn, or 1 character from a secured Site / Dominion.

Eurhetemec: An affiliation which grants no special power.

Flash: A card that affects local situations, often with immediate effect.

Gender: The sex – male, female, both, or neither – represented in the title line of the character card.

Hapexamendios: The Unbeheld He-God who resides in the First Dominion. Any card with the word Hapexamendios in the title line is a Hapexamendios card.

Holder (of a Site): A character stationed on a Site, in the State, to maintain influence over that controlled Site.

Home Dominion: The Dominion from which a Site, character, or Path comes.

Idle: Refusing the action option for an Ally, in order to use it later in the phase.

Imajica: The collection of all five Dominions.

In Ovo: The “discard pile”; currently out of play cards.

Influence: The totaled Magic of involved Allies in a seizure or while holding a Site.

Influence Maneuver: A card type or power usable in a contest.

Kuyrmid: An affiliation which grants no special power.

Maestro: An affiliation; allows the character to attempt to seize and hold a Site alone.

Magic: A characteristic which affects Site seizure, totaled as influence.

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