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Imajica CCG Rulebook

Example of a Contest: Autarch Eric has named Henry Holland (Magic 3) and Horace Tyrwith (Magic 4) to seize Slew. Autarch Brian names Joshua Godolphin (Magic 3) and Huzzah Aping (Magic 6) to contest. (Paths would be revealed and resolved now.) Eric’s influence is 7, while Brian’s influence is 9. Brian has successfully contested the seizure. All characters are pivoted, and returned to the active area.

Influence Maneuvers: A character may use as many influence maneuvers as the Autarch cares to play from hand. Such cards do not pivot the character, but an acting Ally involved in the contest must be named when playing one. Influence maneuvers can only target characters or the Site involved in the contest or seizure. The effects of instant influence maneuvers end with the seizure or contest.

No pivoted characters may participate in a seizure or contest. If a character becomes pivoted during the course of the action, it is removed, and cannot add its influence to the total influence strength.


Paths are typically “booby-traps” to hinder Autarchs’ attempts to secure a Site; however, some Paths can grant advantages.

Paths must be revealed and resolved before any attempt to seize or contest the Site can be resolved.

After an Autarch has committed Allies to seize a Site, and the first Autarch announces contesting characters, the Paths are revealed. Unless specifically stated, ALL characters involved in the seizure are targeted by a Path, including the contesting characters.

Flashes may be played in response to the Path.

If more than one Path lies on a Site, all are picked up and turned over as a group, so that the first Path played on the Site will be the first encountered. Paths are encountered one at a time. If all characters are removed …

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