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Imajica CCG Rulebook

The Autarch can ALWAYS bring one Ally into reserve from the Dominion of a controlled Site, even if its Prime exceeds the limit. (This assumes the character is in hand.) If an Ally is brought to the table in this way, the Autarch can establish no other alliances for this turn.

Some characters have Primes of greater than 7. These characters are most commonly brought into play using the above method.

The Autarch cannot introduce duplicates of unique characters in play.

Example of Establishing Allies: Autarch Craig is establishing alliances. In his hand, Craig hold the characters Judith (Prime 7), Geoffrey Light (Prime 3), and Gideon (Prime 4). He could play Geoffrey and Gideon (total Prime 7) or Judith alone.

Once Allies have been established, every active Ally may perform one action. Active Allies are characters in the active area of the Autarch’s Realm. Allies in Reserve, called reserves, may never perform actions.

The order by which the Allies act is entirely up to the controlling Autarch.

When the action is resolved, the Allies pivot. The Autarch can continue to make as many actions as desired, pivoting all acting Allies, until all active Allies are pivoted or accounted for my being idled.

The Autarch then cedes the turn to the next Autarch.

Actions: The actions the Autarch’s Allies can perform are:

  1. Challenge Rival’s Ally: Attempt to kill one targeted character of a rival Autarch.
  2. Seize a Site: Attempt to control a Site in the Circle
  3. Ally Action: Play any Ally Action card.
  4. Retreat: The Ally moves from the active area to the reserve.

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