Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

Unique cards have underlined names on the title line. With few exceptions, Sites are unique. For this reason, NON-unique Sites are marked in the description area of the card. This not true of character cards.

Philosophical note: In Imajica, a returning unique card is one that has somehow escaped doom, and has resurfaced elsewhere, perhaps aligned with another Autarch. Unique cards can be brought into play if the previous in-play card is somehow discarded or otherwise removed from play.

Losing Controlled Sites

If the loss of a secured Site occurs, from card effect or lack of influence, the Holders of the Site are immediately removed to the reserve, and the Site is removed to the Circle.


Use of Tokens

Players should use easily identifiable pairs of tokens to represent the links from effects, or multiple targets of some cards. Identical tokens should used to signify identical effects. Coins or colored glass beads are suggested.


When cards are lost to the In Ovo, it is called discarding. A discarded Ally is lost along with permanents. A permanent targeting only the discarded character would be discarded as well.

All discards must go to the OWNER’S In Ovo.

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