Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

Timing and Countering

All Autarchs must have the opportunity to respond to any action, provided it is in the context of the game sequence, before that action is resolved.

If multiple players are intent on playing actions, the acting Autarch should direct the opportunities to play cards or effects, allowing all players a chance to respond, and noting the order of cards or effects played.

The first card played is the first card that acts; cards played following are resolved in first to last order.



If a Flash (or a power with this activation icon) and any other card type or action both target the same card or action, the Flash has its effect first, regardless of order of play. Multiple Flashes should be resolved in the order played. Permanent Flashes played earlier in the game take precedence over instant Flashes played later.

Example of Flash Timing: The character Sartori has the permanent Flash Emotion: Guilt played on it. Guilt forces a character to remain in reserve. Its owner cannot later play Patashoquan Highway on Sartori, which would usually allow it to move into the active area. Since Guilt was played first, it takes precedence.


A counter must be played after the desired target or action is played. If the target was an instant card, immediately remove the target card from the cards to be resolved.

Example of Timing with Countering / Flashes: Autarch Dennis controls the Little Ease, which is currently unpivoted. Autarch Liz plays the permanent Flash Amnesia on Gentle. Since he is unpivoted, Little Ease may use his Flash power “Counters Amnesia” before Amnesia is resolved. Little Ease pivots, and Amnesia is discarded.

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