Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

… Unreconciled, from the remaining Dominions, making Pie’s return home impossible without Gentle’s help. The two manage to return to the Fourth, and begin a quest to return to Yzorrderrex, the capital city of the Second of the mysterious Autarch, a powerful Emperor who controls all of the Second through Fourth Dominions.

Gentle eventually learns of his important role in the Imajica: he is the Reconciler of the Fifth, a Maestro of great power, destined to bring the Fifth Dominion back to the Imajica. Moreover, he is the son of the primal Unbeheld He-God, Hapexamendios, who resides in the First Dominion, closed off from the other three Reconciled Dominions.

To reconcile the Imajica, Gentle must find four other Maestros to represent all Five Dominions. The Maestros must occupy a place of power on each Dominion and perform a delicate ritual, taking them through the In Ovo — the realm of horrors between the Dominions — to a meeting place called the Ana and complete their ritual may the Five Dominions be joined….

The players in Imajica represent very powerful beings competing to control the Dominions for their own purposes. Each player is an Autarch, a self-proclaimed ruler of these worlds. Each Autarch has their own agenda. Perhaps he wishes to Reconcile the Dominions: to make them connected and whole. Perhaps he wishes to destroy the Dominions once and for all. Perhaps he believes he is a messenger from the Unbeheld Himself, Hapexamendios. Perhaps he wishes nothing more than power over mankind.

Regardless of the Autarchs’ desires, they must each secure the Dominions in order to achieve their goals. And they must do so before the other Autarchs manage to secure them…..

“The crowd bore them forward, and they went unresisting where countless multitudes had gone before: into the belly of the city-god Yzorrderrex.”

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