Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Imajica CCG Rulebook

The above actions cause the Ally to pivot, after the action. To pivot a card, turn it 180°, so that it faces the other direction. Pivoted cards may not make any actions until unpivoted.

5. Idle: Wait to participate in forthcoming challenges or seizure contests on another Autarch’s turn. Idling does not pivot the character.

Challenge Rival’s Ally:

An Autarch’s Allies attempt to kill a rival character. The acting Autarch announces which unpivoted active Allies will make the challenge (these are the challengers), and which opposing active character is to be the challenged target. Only one character can be targeted in a challenge, but multiple challengers can be named. Characters in any Autarch’s state or reserve cannot be targeted.

The Autarch of the targeted character has the opportunity to defend the character, by naming unpivoted active characters as defenders. Only characters controlled by the same Autarch as the targeted character may defend. Reserves and Holders may not defend. After defenders are named, no more characters are allowed into this fray.

Before the challenge formally begins, all players, involved or not, have one last chance to play Flashes. Once the challenge is underway, only the involved Autarchs can interfere, and even then, only with combat maneuvers.

After the last call for Flashes, the challenge begins.

Resurrection Art

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