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Putting those Allies in Sites!

Kevin Maguire's Top 5 Influence Maneuvers

1: Thank You and Goodnight

Thank You and Goodnight

Rarity: Common

Effect: Counter an Influence Maneuver.

“Number 1?!? What are you thinking, ranking this card at the top of the list?! Nothing happens when you use it!”

Precisely! The fact that there are four other cards on this list make this the most useful Influence Maneuver available. Anytime you can seize a site uncontested, you can reach your State happy.






2: Cradle Parasite

Cradle Parasite

Rarity: Uncommon

Effect: Target character is pivoted, receives 2 damage, and remains pivoted until Parasite is removed. If seized Site is the Maison de Sante, Parasite deals 4 damage to target.

This card not only stops a character from meddling in your affairs, it effectively removes them from the playing field. Even if the damage received from “The Parasite” doesn’t kill the character, a Permanent Influence Maneuver is very difficult to remove and has a good chance of rendering a character useless for the games entirety.






3: Hoopreo


Rarity: Common

Effect: One opposing character is removed from seizure, pivoted. Opponent chooses character to withdraw.

Doubly effective in seizing and contesting, this gem of a common is useful in any deck. Since, players normally only attempt to seize a site with only enough Magic as is required, removing one of them will usually result in a failed attempt. But, looking at it from the side of the player attempting to make the seizure, the Hoopereo allows you to fend off that lone contester your opponent often puts out. Since the active player gets to play Influence Maneuvers first, you can use the Hoopereo to foil any Maneuvers you opponent had waiting (most notably #2 on this list – Cradle Parasite).





4: Thes ‘reh’ Ot – Lawyer

Thes reh Ot - Lawyer

Rarity: Uncommon

Effect: Target Site gains Resistance +3 or -3 until the end of the round.

Timing is everything with this card. If you need one more site to win and you just miss out on the Magic requirement, use the Lawyer. If you need a certain site in the circle, but your opponent is trying to control it first, use the Lawyer. Hell, the Lawyer is so useful he can almost replace duct tape!







5: Darkness in a Deeper Dark

Darkness in a Deeper Dark

Rarity: Uncommon

Effect: Pivot all involved characters, ending the seizure.

The greatest thing about this card is its potential combat value. Sure, it allows you to reset a turn much like the Combat Maneuver Feit, but its real use lies in the fact that most players attempt to seize sites when they control the turn, removing their characters from harm’s way before their opponent has a chance to kill them off. With the Darkness, you can create a tasty group of defenseless characters on your opponent’s side just waiting to be picked off one by one when your Ally Phase rolls around.