Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Just an Express-ion Deck

A Quick and Nasty Tournament Style Deck

The ExpressWhile I tend to shy from decks that rely too heavily on one card, this one has really worked for me. The card in question is The Express. The card is a temporary flash that will change the home Dominion of one Site until the end of the round; the player of The Express chooses the new Dominion. Here are some uses for this utilitarian card:

  • Change a Site you control into a 2nd Dominion card and whip out Pie ‘oh’ Pah, the Yzdx. War Machine, or Sartori.
  • Change your opponent’s Site so that he doesn’t have the Dominions needed to Reconcile…or simply stop him from bringing out certain nasties.
  • If your opponent pops a Pivotal Fragments on you and names a Dominion you control, either change the Dominion of your Site, or change his Site to be affected by the Fragments as well.
  • Or, my personal favorite, change your sites into the ones you need to Reconcile!

The idea behind this deck is speed and confusion. I burn through the deck (yes, you heard right!) by playing duplicates of a common Site – in this deck, Slew – and by using the Destiny card. This really throws your opponent for a loop. Prepare for comments like, “You’re going to run out of cards!” or “What are you doing?”

Using lower primed characters with Doekis, I get my Allies out quick and grab those common Sites before my opponent can muster too much opposition. I also Bunyan Blew my somewhat whimpy characters to protect them from attacks. Once I have any 5 Sites, regardless of their original Dominion, I pop my Express cards and change the Sites to the Dominions I need to win. By the time my opponent realizes what’s going on, it’s too late!


Characters (19)
10 Little Ease (A standard in all my decks. Don’t forget the Oviate affiliation power!)
5 Squalling (For the Prime, you can’t find a better character.)
4 Gek-A-Gek (For protection and the intimidation factor.)

Dictates (2)
1 Whim of Hapexamendios (Amen! If I could have more in the deck, I would. Removes any one card in play from the game.)
1 Geiss the Witherer (A free 2nd Dominion Site.)

Flashes (31)
5 The Express (The heart of the deck!)
5 Anarchy (Pivots up to 10 Prime’s worth of characters. Hey, they can’t stop you if they aren’t even lookin’!)
2 Destiny (Get the cards you need fast!)
6 Bunyan Blew (Target character cannot be challenged…’nuff said.)
4 Doeki (Giddy up!)
4 Espionage (Dictates are often nasty, so be prepared.)
2 Patashoquan Highway (A great combo with Actor Chappie and a great utility card on its own.)
3 Actor Chappie (Another incredible utility card. Countless strategies here, but the Maestro affiliation tends to be my choice.)

Sites (8)
1 City of the Unbeheld (1st)
1 Pivot Tower (2nd)
1 Bem (3rd)
4 Slew (4th)
1 x Yoke (5th)