Clive Barker's Imajica Customizable Card Game
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Adoration Deck

A Beginner's Deck - Using Only Common Cards

The premise of the deck revolves around the Adorers and other smaller characters. They’re low prime makes it possible to Ally many of them quickly, putting your opponent on the defensive quickly. You’re method of play should be to go for Site seizures early before your opponent can assemble his Allies.

Then try to put out some stronger characters and use the surprise of some of your offensive Flashes to weed through your opponents rank until you are poised for the win. Your Influence Maneuvers should aid you and fending off any unwanted contests.

Combos to Look For

Coaxial Tasko and Cosacosa: He can hold it alone.
Adorers and Likerish Street: They get a big bonus to control it.
Emotion Loneliness and Breach of Contract: Wait until a pair of characters make their move, then send one home.
Oke T’Noon Kesparate and Lotti Yap / Paramorala: 2nd Dominion Allies can go it alone.
Actor Chappie and Saint Martin in the Fields: Turn the opposition into Oviates.


Characters (25)
1 Alice Tyrwhitt
1 Coaxial Tasko
1 Floccus Dado
1 Tolland
3 Lotti Yap
3 Paramarola
3 Squalling
4 Carol
4 Irish
4 Kuthuss

Combat Maneuvers (4)
2 Feit
2 Pluthero Quexos’ 1st Law of Drama

Flashes (15)
1 Liberatore
1 May everything be as it seems
1 Unanswered Prayers
2 Actor Chappie
2 Breach of Contract
2 Destiny
2 We are what we are
1 Emotion: Loneliness
1 False Prophet
2 Emotion: Guilt

Influence Maneuvers (4)
1 Hoopreo
1 Prayer Book
2 Thank you and goodnight

Paths (2)
1 Saint Martin in the Fields
1 Oke T’Noon Kesparate

Sites (10)
1 Ched Lo Ched (3rd)
1 Cosacosa (4th)
1 Kwem (3rd)
1 Slew (4th)
2 Eurhetemec Ruins (1st)
2 Hampstead Heath (5th)
2 Likerish Street (2nd)